Saturday, August 28, 2010

Read a Comic in Public Today!

Today is International Read a Comic in Public Day!  So go out there and read a comic.

I don't have any plans to "go public" today, so I celebrated yesterday.  I was at the doctor's for four hours getting a simple (albeit ridiculously long) test done, and brought along some comics.  A little boy whose mother was having the same test done was sitting next to me, and try as I might to catch his attention with my copy of DC Universe Legacies, he was too busy with his iPod to notice.  (Then he took out a real book and read that.  The horror!)  So, I failed to seduce another innocent into the cult of comics.  Oh, well.

On the upside, my doctor's office had a copy of the Green Lantern preview of Entertainment Weekly and I snatched that baby right up.  I gotta say, I hate the suit.  I just like the classic uniform best.  I'm a traditionalist.  Then I kept on pestering my mother by making loud comments, like "Aw, they got the mask all wrong," and "Hey, the guy playing Hammond is the guy who was on NYPD Blue.  Oh, wait, no.  It just looks like him," and "Oh, geez, the girl is from Gossip Girl?" which eventually did engage my mother into conversation.

Mom: So, Green Lantern?  I guess they're running out of characters?
Me: Ma, there's literally hundreds of superheroes in the DC Universe!
Mom: But does anyone know who they are?  Who's left?
Me: The Flash.
Mom: Who's he again?
Me: You know.  He wears a runs real fast and wears a red suit?
Mom: Sounds vaguely familiar.  Is that the guy playing Green Lantern?  He's good-looking.
Me: ... His hair's all wrong.

What can I say?  I'm hard to please.

Oh, and the ring is wrong, too.


Aaron said...

Thank you, I have been having frustrating convos with my mom this week and I am glad I'm not alone. I've said before, my pick for Hal would have been James Marsden. I was actually upset when the animated GL film changed the look of Kanjar Ro and the Weaponers of Qward, I think their original looks are neat and why change them? Because now we know what aliens would "really" look like? But I loved the Wonder Woman animated movie, despite the drastic change to Etta Candy. There's no rhyme or reason to what I like.

Eyz said...

The costume's awful :(

They said it wasn't definitive, since it will all be CGi and all...but I'm betting it won't change that much until the release... how well..

Couldn't they add in more color? Like White and Black (for the gloves and suit) or at least greenysh tones of white and black?!

LissBirds said...

Ha...Aaron, for frustrating parental conversations you should read the one I had with my Mom about Wonder Woman's new outfit. I hardly ever talk to my mother (or anyone for that matter) about comics, so I find any conversation greatly entertaining, even if it's an argument. (Hey, I'm Italian, so arguing is just our normal mode of conversation anyway.)

Ooooh, see, now James Marsden would've gotten my blessing. Nice hair, good personality, charismatic, good actor. I've never seen a Ryan Reynolds movie so I probably shouldn't judge him, but something about him just rubs me the wrong way. And about change, hey, you like what you like. I'd like to think I'm logical, but when I can't explain why I like or don't like something, I just tweak logic to fit my gut feelings.

I hope they change the costume to something more traditional, Eyz. :( A coworker who takes surveys wound up in a GL movie survey somehow years ago and had to choose between the traditional costume and the icky movie one. He chose "the one he grew up with." Too bad other people didn't. There's still time to change it! I don't like the stripes all over it or whatever that's supposed to be.

The white gloves are sooo sharp. Most everything designed in the Silver Age was sharp!

SallyP said...

I do love the original GL uniform. It's simple, and it's elegant. Of course I also love Guy's outfit, which is also distinctive, and has the added benefit of looking good on practically anyone.

I'm sorry that you weren't able to woo a youngster into comicdom.

LissBirds said...

Green, black, and white is such a sharp color combo.

I like Guy's jacket, too. It's one of those few 80's-styled outfits that I actually like.

Maybe I'll try candy next time....muahahaha