Sunday, September 12, 2010

75 Favorite Moments in DC History: Number 52

52. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold steal J'onn's cookies (Martian Manhunter #24, 2000.)

I wasn't a huge fan of the Martian Manhunter series, but there was one bright spot in those thirty-six issues that almost makes up for it.

In Martian Manhunter #24, we take a trip back in time to the Justice League International days, and as usual, the michevious Blue and Gold are up to something:

The amazing thing is, I had no idea who Beetle, Booster, Maxwell Lord, Fire, Ice, OR Guy Gardner were when I read this issue, and I still thought it was funny.  Even this Maxwell Lord guy was amusing to me and I wanted to know more about him.  I had only sought it out to satiate my Martian Manhunter fandom, and had yet to read any Justice League International titles.  Now, of course, this all makes a whole lot more sense.

Obviously, this must translate well to new readers, because I sent the above panel to my non-comics-reading-but-Smallville-watching-friend and she found their "impish grins" amusing.

This is also the reason why "Choco Addiction," along with fire, is listed as a weakness on J'onn's DC Wikia page.  Recently, it seems, they went back to referring to "Chocos" as "Oreos," which I like.

And where are you going to ever find another Guy Gardner panel like this?  Muahaha.

And nor does seeing exchanges like this ever get old in my mind:

Martian Manhunter #24 could very easily have been an issue of JLI.  One minor quibble is that Ostrander made Booster the instigator and Beetle the somewhat-unwilling participant who realized they'd gone too far, and really the roles should've been reversed.  But, hey, it's good fun nonetheless, and  I like a good laugh from my comics every now and then.  Actually, more than every now and then.

I'm hoping that that little teaser image of a JLI banner shown in DC's editor column last week means an eventual return to the good ol' JLI days.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Oh, and one more.  I couldn't help adding this one in:

That's the Maxwell Lord I miss!


Eyz said...

A return to a more fun light hearted JLI would be great :)
I'm hoping the "Generation Lost" direction is aimed at that~

I love this issue!
It has everything I want to see from a JL-book. Beetle & Booster making stupid stuff, J'onn least stoic and showing lots more character, Guy Gardner crying... and the list goes on! XD

Oh much I love that Guy panel!

SallyP said...

This was absolutely one of my very favorite issues of ANY book! You can repost just about any scan from any page, and it's funny, right up to the last one, where J'onn is telling the tale to Kyle, and he just doesn't get it.

The bit with Tora and the baby seals is also hilarious.

LissBirds said...

Eyz, my best hope is that Generation Lost lays the foundation for a return to the JLI with Giffen and DeMatteis.

I know, Sally! Every panel is funny. And I love Maxwell Lord's "I want everyone to just do as I say....ALL THE TIME!!!" and of course "I want Wonder Woman to...oh, how I want Wonder Woman To!" It's just so perfect. Oh, heck, I'm gonna add that panel in now. :)

Eyz said...

Oh, that panel...

How I miss the ol' Max :(

LissBirds said...

Me, too. I hope he goes back to being just a smarmy used car salesman kinda guy and not a crazy, murdering psychopath. :(