Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pop quiz for the weekend!

Who is J'onn J'onzz to you?  Not speaking theoretically or ideally, but if you had to pick an incarnation that actually existed in print?  (There's a poll in the sidebar...make a selection!  You can pick more than one, too!)

a.) Goofy Silver Age attracts-all-weird-things alien detective.

b.) Hard-working, wistful, filled-with-awe Silver Age detective.

c.) Sardonic father figure to a clutch of juvenile superheroes.

d.) Uncorruptible noir detective with a limited powerset and vague, yet haunting, past.

e.) Naive do-gooder making the most of the hand he was dealt.

f.) Ticking time bomb waiting to unleash the fury of an ancient planet.

g.) Outsider distancing himself from humanity and embracing his alien side.

h.) Peaceful, stoic warrior, with no outside pursuits and who lives only to serve the League.

i.) Friend and protector of all squirrels everywhere.
(You know you want to pick this one!)


SallyP said...

While the Squirrel one WAS practically irresistable, I would have to go with "C" of course. I loved J'onn in the old JLI, and still miss that take on him, as the long-suffering babysitter to a bunch of whacko's.

No wonder he turned to chocos as his drug of choice.

Diabolu Frank said...

I laid down a slew of selections, one involving squirrels, and none involving being an outsider with anger issues. If I could only choose one, it would be sardonic father figure.

LissBirds said...

The JLI version is a strong choice, but the fact that the Friend of Squirrels choice is tied with it really makes me laugh. Now I have to figure out if there were any squirrels featured in the JLI. I definitely remember the cat, but no squirrels. (And ducks, I think...)

If some writer could figure out how to combine c.) and d.) I'd be in comics bliss.

Thanks for voting, guys!

I just love how happy that squirrel is in the last panel. I think J'onn should've adopted him. Imagine the hilarity that could insue if that squirrel got loose in the JLA Satellite.

Eyz said...

Oh... I missed this!

I like his more funny father figure in the JLI. Though I also like to see him as the mentor/serious hero of the JLA.

I vote for the protectors of squirrels :P

Aaron said...

I went with squirrel because I figure someone who protects squirrels probably has a lot of other fine qualities.