Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Booster Gold cast for Smallville

For those of you who enjoy seeing live-action superheroes, or for you Smallville fans, or just you shameless Booster Gold fans (I know Frank is jumping up and down with glee) here's a tidbit of news you will enjoy.

It looks like they've cast Booster Gold for the upcoming Smallville episode.  He's a soap star.  In some strange way, I think that works.

Here's the Boosterific.com article, which was picked up from soaps.com.  I don't watch soap operas, but do all the male actors hang around with their shirts half-off like that?

What I'll be REALLY excited for is if Skeets will show up on Smallville.  In all his sarcastic, shiny glory.


Eyz said...

On one hand, I'm sure they'll find a way to scr*w it up or add tons of teen angst enough to annoy me.

On the other one, I already know I'll be watching just this episode, for Booster and Beetle only!

Tom Hartley said...

Will TV Booster wear a Legion flight ring?

James Ashelford said...

No idea about American soaps but British soap actors tend to keep their shirts on, mainly because in the name of verisimilitude the producers tend to cast the cruttiest herberts they can find.

SallyP said...

Well Hello there! He's rather toothsome, I must say. I'm really hoping for Skeets, because that would just make it perfect.