Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Want to know how many pictures of the Scarlet Skier there are on the internet?

Answer: not enough.

In honor of Tuesday's Snowpocalypse, which is affecting a good portion of the United States, here is the Scarlet Skier.

Bonus points for the dialogue in Spanish!

Dude really needs some nice fan art.


SallyP said...

Wait, is this the guy who was G'nort's arch enemy? Or am I thinking of another Scarlet Skier?

The Asparagus Sausage Llama said...

I loved the JLI stuff that starred Scarlet Skier. Glad to see some appreciation for this most evil and deadly of comic book foes!

PS @SallyP: Yes, this was G'nort's arch enemy.

SallyP said...

For some reason, I find it very comforting that even G'nort HAS an arch enemy.

Andy said...

The Scarlet Skier, G'Nort, Mr. Nebula, Lord Manga Khan and L-Ron were among some of my favourite of DeMatteis and Giffen's creations during their run, and it always great to see another person who shares an enthusiasm for them as well.

@SallyP: What makes the Scarlet Skier-G'Nort rivalry even greater and hilarious was that G'Nort, the worst Green Lantern of them all, managed to apprehend the Skier by complete accident when the Skier was on holiday at the beach!