Thursday, January 27, 2011

When John Jones was younger...

Back in his Silver Age heyday, the stoic, gentle Martian of integrity we know and love today was a bit more snarky.  What's our Martian hero to do when he's wrongly imprisoned in jail?  Meditate and wait out the situation?  Reason with the guards?  Pfft.  Why do that when you can cause all sorts of trouble and make outrageous demands of your jailors?

I'm going to go steal a toilet made out of gold while I'm at it, too.  Be back in a jiffy!

And what about his servitude to the public?  His stoic, noble goal of protecting his adopted homeworld, of making sure its citizens can live a life free of worry?

When you got it, flaunt it, Jonesey.

Well, there goes that.  Don't worry, that lady will be fine when she gets wiped from history in the next Crisis.


Eyz said...

I keep saying this, but J'onn needs a new on-going regular series. :/

Tom Hartley said...

Good point about that lady in the car. When watching an old movie, you can ask yourself, "How many of these people are now dead?" When reading an old comics story, you can ask, "How many of these characters have been retconned?"

SallyP said...

Now I say this sort of thing all the time...and nobody listens to me either.

I DO hope that J'onn flaunted that roast turkey in front of the cop.