Thursday, October 7, 2010

I got nothin'

It seems like a pretty slow week, comics-wise, with nothing too major out on the shelves.  My Adam Strange Brave and the Bold is STILL running late, so I don't know when it'll be shipped to me.  Other than that, I have nothing new and exciting to report.  I envy bloggers who can riff about all sorts of topics under the sun and are gifted with a wellspring of inspiration which drives them to produce interesting posts day after day.  I, myself, on the other hand, just kinda sit there and look at the blank new post window hoping for something interesting to pop into my head.  I never was any good with coming up with original ideas.  I figure there's only so many analyses or "interesting" observations I can make about the comics world before I run out of the few ideas I already have.

So, I throw the ball to you, dear reader: is there any topic you'd like to see me talk about?  Or would you like my opinion on a certain topic?  Or just want to ask me anything?  Carte blanche.

I think I just spelled that wrong.


Eyz said...

Hum...*fins a subject*
Did you see that new cover??

Haaaa! Why are they doing this to poor Tora :/

James Ashelford said...

You spelt it right.

Your About Me bit talks about men wearing hats, write about that: great hat wearers in history (real or fictional).

No, I'm not drunk.

SallyP said...

There are few thing more agonizing than staring at that blank screen and trying to come up with something witty and or cogent. I think that you do just fine.

Anything Green Lantern related is always a plus with me, but J'onnis also fair game. Or Ralph. Or Ted.

LissBirds said...

I just saw your post, Eyz! Thanks for the link. :) Sigh...I wish this bad-Tora business will fix itself soon. Arggh, Winick!!!

James! I like your idea!! Brilliant! I actually have a tag called "Men in Hats" but I think I used it once.

Thanks for the kind words, Sally. :) Ted!! I should feature him a little bit more. Gosh, I love Ted something awful. Anything Green Lantern always entertains me...and I hear there might be another GL book coming down the line...!

Saranga said...

More Blue and Gold is always a good thing. Especially if you're mocking Booster.
Or you could talk about squirrels. Squirrels are good.