Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Comics

I'm still not quite sure how to incorporate reviews into this blog (if at all), but I decided to do a "live reading," kind of like what Sea-of-Green did for reviewing the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD.

Okay, so I'm reading The Flash #1 by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul.  I know very little about Barry Allen, though I read Flash: Rebirth, other than he is a forensic scientist who runs fast and wears bowties.

--Not sure I like the cover.  Dynamic, but Tony Harris's figures are too angular for my taste.

--Wario wants me to create games.  Okay.

--You can put icons next to your name in text messages?  News to me.

--Nice car, Trickster.  Also, love the gloves.

--Flash can stop bullets?

--Neil Gaiman's promoting National Library Week.  Just what I need in the middle of my comic: something to remind me of work.

--Central City apparently doesn't have child labor laws in place for construction sites.  Good.  Make the kids earn their keep, I always say.

--The Flash saves a kid from falling debris and introduces himself using his logo.  See, now THIS is what comics should be all about.

--Barry Allen's late to work again.

--The Weather Wizard rains out baseball games just to be a jerk.  These are the kinds of villains I love.

--Who can turn your eyeballs into glass?

--Sigh.  Retconned childhood trauma to give Barry Allen more "edge."  This is NOT what comics should be all about.

--Barry seems to be looking younger and younger with each passing panel...the hoodie doesn't help.  Would it kill someone to draw a superhero as a mature adult?  He looks nineteen.

--Mirror Master?  Oh noes!  What happened?

--"Does anyone know how to adjust these chairs?"  Bwa-ha.  I have that problem at work all the time.

--Forensic scientist and inter-office politics talk.  It looks like this series might have a strong focus on Barry's secret identity and day job.  Normalcy!  In a comic!  I'm liking that.

--Um...should you be telling the press all that secret police stuff?  And Iris, way to use your man to get a scoop for your paper.  Sheesh.

--Dinner with the Hawks?  Awwz.

--Cliffhanger!!  Dun dun daaaaaa!

--Wait, what?  Is this another story?  I'm confused.  Oh, wait.  It's an ad.  For a story not happening for another year.  Like I'm going to remember.  Wait a second..."the Flash's world will change."  Greaaaat.  Just when I got used to the whole "business as usual" here comes another crisis.  And there's a White Lantern ring involved.

--Uncolored Zatanna preview.  My eyes hurt from all the backwards reading already...

--DC Universe: Legacies.  A history of the DCU.  I'm intrigued.  This could be good for newer fans.  But where's Dr. Mid-Nite in that JSA photo, or does he come in later?

--"Sworn to protect!  Born to kill!"  Wait, is that the guy's motto, or the dog's?  That's certainly my dog's personal motto.  That and "kill all pizza delivery men."


Sea-of-Green said...

Ha! Well done! :-D

LissBirds said...

Thanks Sea! I took inspiration from the best. :)