Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laura Hudson says it better than I can

I haven't felt much like reading comics lately.  Part of the reason is my confusion over the DC reboot.  The other reason is expressed so well by Laura Hudson over at Comics Alliance.


And what about some wisdom from the mouth of babes?  There's a reason cartoons based on comics are so popular, and part of that reason is because TV producers have to appeal to a wider audience than comics.

Honestly, DC, I don't know what's going on over there.  You're making reading comics a chore, and I don't want to work to be entertained.  Escapism is why I read comics in the first place.  I've dropped all my books except Stormwatch, which I am hanging onto out of sheer loyalty to my favorite hero, Martian Manhunter.

Give me some good stories, some heroes to look up to, a couple of cool fight scenes, a little bit of humor, and that's all I want out of my comics.

Come here, old JLI trades...I need you...


SallyP said...

Some of the books have actually been...pretty good. Most have been more or less ok. But man oh man, some of them have been just gawdawful. They've dumped perfectly good characters, mainly I suppose because they can't be bothered, dumped perfectly good continuity, dumped perfectly good marriages, and destroyed the personalities and characters of quite a lot of rather nice people. It's bad enough what they did to poor Kory and Selina...they also destroyed Roy. Not to mention getting rid of all that was fresh and charming in Blue Beetle.

Thank god for Green Lanterns!

Eyz said...

Yup, it seems all the GL won't even be affected by the reboot. So that's a good thing at least.

And Blue Beetle, despite going back to square one, seems to be pretty good too.

But there's such a lack of genuinely funny or comedy titles... I mean, now was the good time for another Ambush Bug mini! Or Angel & the Ape! Blue Devil! something, really..

LissBirds said...

I'm glad GL has been unaffected. Phew. I'm confused, though, because somehow Hal isn't a Green Lantern anymore, and I haven't figured out why.

Eyz, you're completely right about a lack of humor. Why are comics taking themselves so seriously lately? Are they trying to prove something? Comics should be fun. Or at least, some of them should be!

SallyP said...

I LIKE fun!

Tom Hartley said...

Until DC and Marvel get their acts together, I'm sticking with reprints and back-issues.

Liss, have you read any of the early Marvel comics from the 1960s? Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Thor and so on used to be fun. Not any more, of course. Nowadays, both DC and Marvel turn out the same dismal product.

Jim Shooter, a comics writer (he began his career writing Legion of Super-Heroes when he was 14 years old!), has some interesting posts on his blog about the Pü52.





LissBirds said...

I agree, Tom. I might weaken a little and stick with Stormwatch or pick up a GL book here and there.

I haven't read *any* Marvel comics except one or two early 2000's X-Men graphic novels and one Silver Surfer alternate universe graphic novel. (It's not called Elseworlds in Marvel, but the same idea.) What I really want to got into is Captain America, but I have no idea where to start.

I'll take a look at Jim Shooter's site! Thanks for the links! His name does sound familiar to me.

Tom Hartley said...

Essential Captain America Vol. 1.