Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wonder Woman: not a class act?

Of course I can't find the link that I was going to comment on.  There was another item about the Wonder Woman pilot in the news recently regarding the costume.  There were some words from David E. Kelley about a scene in the pilot where Diana is driving and gets cut off by some guy, then gets pissed off and chases him down and yells at him.  And I remember thinking, "That just doesn't seem like something Wonder Woman should do."

I have yet to read an actual solo Wonder Woman comic, so maybe I'm off the mark, but I always thought she was something of a dignified class act.

Or maybe she really is a little uncouth and I never noticed?

Click to en-biggen.

Wonder Woman shows up every now and then on "Hark, a Vagrant," a web comic of delightful randomness.


Eyz said...

Poor Diana..she just doesn't get much respect nowadays :/

I started reading the George Perez collection and moved on, huh, almost every other WW book I could find!
I like the character, her foes, her adventures...but she just doesn't get much respect nowadays... :/

SallyP said...

Kate Beaton's version of Wonder Woman is SO delightful. She's just a tad world-weary and cranky. Which of course is the complete opposite of Diana, which is probably why I find it so hilarious.

So no, I don't think she'd have Road Rage either.

Saranga said...

Diana IS a class act and would never succumb to road rage. Mayeb she's being mind controlled? Except that as she was once the avatar of truth that shouldn't really be possible.