Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The NEW new Wonder Woman Costume?

Okay, so I got my computer up and running...just in time for me to get the flu!  I swear, someone doesn't want me blogging.  Maybe it's a conspiracy on the part of DC for all my complaining?

Well, anyway, here's a short post about the new new Wonder Woman costume.  Yes, they revamped it after all of our complaining.  But is it really good enough?

I don't looks too similiar to the JMS revamp for my taste, and they kept the ugly plastic belt.  And c'mon, jeans?  That's a little too casual for a superheroine who happens to be an Amazon Princess.  I know, I know, I'm just one of those people who complains no matter what.  But there's so many other designs out there that I'd take over this one, including the original, several fan designs that I've featured here before (thanks for bringing that to my attention 1TrueGL), and one of my favorite, the Darwyn Cooke design.

(Which of course I can't find...but here's a Darwyn Cooke rendering of the traditional Wonder Woman outfit.)

Wow...looking at the Darwyn Cooke drawing makes me think Adrienne Palicki looks too thin for the role.  She doesn't have to be a body-builder, but I like to think of Wonder Woman as a bit heftier and womanly: Marilyn Monroe instead of Kate Moss.

Oh, and here's some footage shot during filming, in case you want to see the costume in action:


Diabolu Frank said...

Cool! I hadn't seen any video. I liked the springboard jump, and I'm glad the poor girl has leg protection.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Neato! I'm not really concerned about the costume so much- I'm just glad they are going to have Wonder Woman on TV! C'mon, that's cool stuff :)

The One True GL said...

Yay! I get a mention! The show's producers should have organised a web-based, comics blogosphere-focused focus group BEFORE deciding on a costume, because comics bloggers are the custodians of comics awesomeness and comics-to-screen acceptability(in other words, they aren't afraid to give you their honest opinion about costumes, etc.)

Ask the peeps who love the source material. Perhaps they won't all agree, but you'll discover the two or three costumes they hate.

Eyz said...

Mmmh... okay...
The costume featured here isn't has bad as the other one.
Hey, at least she's got red boots now!
(from a design perspective, that's already a thousand times better than the all-blue pants look from before)


Wasn't the actress who played Xena a much more Wonder Woman looking type of gal?

They better stick close to George Perez reboot, I always thought it was the ideal plot for a WW series/movie, focusing on an overall arc and delivering smaller episodes all the way through.

SallyP said...

This is interesting. A while back when the first costume pictures were released, they were shown at "DC Women Kicking Ass", and someone came up with the darker pants and RED boots as an improvement on the original light shiny blue pants and blue boots.

This new version is almost exactly like that improvement...which I find rather interesting. IS an improvement.

But yes, Liss, I love the way that Darwyn Cooke portrays Diana.