Sunday, November 14, 2010

Impel DC Cosmic Cards #112--Adam Strange

Coming to the comics world only recently, I wasn't aware that there were superhero trading cards.  I honestly don't remember seeing any comics cards at all the card shows I went to in my teenaged years, but then again, I always made a beeline to the baseball card booths.  (Though I did see hockey cards once.)

Here's an Impel DC Cosmic trading card featuring CMMH! favorite Adam Strange:

I'm not sure if the "Heroes From Beyond" label applied to a certain set of superheroes, i.e. sci-fi superheroes like Adam Strange or Captain Comet, or all DC heroes, but it would interesting to know.

While the obverse of the card is all Silver Age silliness, the reverse hints at the Bronze Age changes which Adam underwent during the Man of Two Worlds story arc:

Hooray for calling it a rocket pack and not jet pack!


Diabolu Frank said...

"Heroes From Beyond" and "Villains From Beyond" covered outer space/cosmic characters. However, the card set was far from all-encompassing, leaving out such mainstays as the Atom and lesser knowns like Captain Comet. Instead, we got some New Gods, some Green Lantern types, two Tamaranians and some JLI characters (friggin' Mr. Nebula!) The only reason Adam made the cut was the Bruning/Kubert mini-series of the time, since characters without their own current books were mostly set aside.

Aaron said...

I like! I love the Silver Agey art on the front. I definitely get a kick out of all those weird monsters and aliens from the sixties.

Anonymous said...

I have this card and a bunch of other ones like golden age hawkman and a bunch more. If anyone wants to buy these from me please comment back I have no use for these.