Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short Reviews That Are Over A Week Old

In lieu of an actual blog post, and since I didn't get any comics this week, I thought I'd post "reviews" on last's weeks reading.  Really, just a list of what I liked and didn't like, just to keep it brief.

Blackest Night #8

  • All the rings on the cover.
  • As soon as everyone started clutching their heads, I knew it was Black Lantern J'onn coming.
  • Larfleeze's little blob pet.
  • Hal's brother and family makes an appearnce.  Good to see that actual citizens DO exist in this whole Blackest Night thing.
  • Sensory overload splash pages work for the Green Lantern Corps, but no one else.
  • And on that note: foldout splash pages = even more fun.
  • Even though I'm not really a fan, seeing Aquaman sans beard/hook hand/long hair is a thing of beauty.
  • While all the resurrected heroes get to make out with their significant others, J'onn J'onzz is stuck with Superman.
  • Maxwell Lord gets a nosebleed.  Heh.
  • Deadman?  Alive?  Most emotional resurrection, but I'm not sure this will work for the character.
  • Black Hand's fate.
  • An open-mouthed Sinestro on the cover.  Reminds me of the Joker.
  • Osiris.
  • Where are the Dibnys?
  • Not sure I like Jade coming back.  I don't know enough about her to really judge, though.
  • Where the hell is Ted Kord?!
  • What exactly did Larfleeze do for Luthor?
  • Is Black Hand an Indigo Lantern now because of the Indigo symbol in his eyes?
  • Where'd the White Lantern Battery come from?  Where is it now?
  • Why does Deadman have a White Lantern ring?  (I wouldn't have noticed this is someone else pointed it out first.)
  • What exactly did Larfleeze and Luthor do, if anything?

Green Hornet #2

  • "Dragon Lady's" weaponized dress.
  • Monthly "lunch with son" consists of just French Fries.
  • Very clever uses of high heels during fight scenes.
  • Bad coloring that makes everyone's face look greasy.
  • Stereotyped Asian "family shame."  C'mon, Mr. Smith, you can do better than that.  I think.
  • Britt Reid, Jr. = Bruce Wayne.  Again, can't you do better, Mr. Smith?
  • Good-looking rich boy with daddy and relationship problems.  Hollywood, much?
  • Britt Reid's son is named Britt Reid, too?  Okay, now I need to re-read the first issue because I don't know who which Britt Reid it was about.
  • What's all this back room dealing with the mayorial candidate and should I care?

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