Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Comics Blog? Really?

Okay, so you here you are. Reading The Inagural Comics Make Me Happy post.

I had a hard time picking a name for this blog because:

a.) I stink at giving things titles.

b.) I'm indecisive.


c.) I don't want to be pigeonholed and have to stick to a certain theme.

There were quite a few names I was batting around. Including Comics Intellectual and Comics Philosopher.  After reading an over-scholarly article that a commenter posted on The Idol-Head of Diabolu, I decided against the former and the latter.  I'd rather like to avoid the over-thinking that occasionally seeps into popular culture.  That being said, I hold a degree in Philosophy, I like analysis, and the late-but-much-beloved Absorbascon's analytics often left me speechless.  So I'm hoping to engage in some insightful-but-not-pompous-insights.

The ever-creative One True GL came up with about a dozen or so names for my nascent blog, one of which I might just adopt later down the road when I've developed more of an identity.  I don't know.  (Refer to letter b.)

So, anyway, welcome to my blog.  I hope we'll have fun.  Comics are my escapism of choice.  (Or, as Sally P would say, drug of choice!)  I think comics should be fun, they should be enjoyable, and at the same time, should tell great stories.  That's all I really ask from my comics.  And, yes, I really do talk to my comics on occasion.

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